Tax Forms and Preparation

The library provides basic IRS tax forms, including Forms 1040Schedule A and 1040 Instructions, as well as Forms W-2W-31096 and 1099-Misc.

Follow these links for:
Schedule 1                            Schedule 2                              Schedule 3
Schedule 4                            Schedule 5                              Schedule 6

Patrons are also welcome to use our computers and printers to print needed forms from the IRS website at The same for for printed black and white documents apply. 

Follow these links for: 
NH Department of Revenue Administration 

  • Interest and Dividends Tax Return, FORM DP-10
  • Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief, Form DP-8

MPL provides tax preparation assistance, thanks to the volunteers of the AARP Tax Assistance Program during February, March, and early April, and can help with the NH Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief, Form DP-8, in June. 

Please call the library at (603) 476-8895 to make an appointment with our volunteers.